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Who We Are

The practice of Hub Architects is founded on a commitment to quality in design. We excel at large scale complex projects of a residential nature that require rigorous design and partnering relationships with all building environment practitioners and industry specialist.  We love what we do, and it shows. Our work is driven by true passion for the process of architecture, and by a hands-on engagement with all opportunities presented in the modern building industry.

We embrace the future, because we will be a part of it. With it’s problems and responsibilities, and with its great freedoms and achievements. Most of all, we have not lost our sense of humor, and we are genuinely optimistic.


A Word From Us

We seek to establish a narrative through design leadership which produces significant built environment solutions. Our specialist knowledge delivers insights into the design and delivery of complex residential projects. We provide specialist services in master planning, residential estates, light industrial, commercial, educational facilities and residential mixed use projects.

We love creating architectural experiences that reflect who you are and who you aspire to be. Our name, Hub Architects, is a symbol of that philosophy: we believe in the future, and the potential contained in every present moment to connect to that future. We love the process of designing for a better future by creating environments that lend themselves to a better lifestyle. We are passionate about the impact and success of the developers, builders, property portfolio managers, property owners, organizations, and initiatives we work with.

Above all else the architectural experience for the end user should leave a lasting impression.


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